Vogue words for 2017: A Newsbiscuit guide


Stuck for something smart to say about Brexit? Impress your friends immediately by dropping some of these new 2017 dictionary entries into your conversations

‘Brexting’ – sending rude texts to anyone who voted leave.

‘Brexite’ – the feeling of euphoria when it dawns on you that it was wrong to vote Remain, as we might actually be better off out of the EU.

‘Brekshite’ – the feeling of despair when it dawns on you that actually you should have voted Remain.

‘Legsit’ – emigrating.

‘Perplexit’ – giving up trying to work out whether EU membership was a Good Thing or a Bad Thing.

‘Bolloxit’ – giving up caring either way.

‘Mexit’ – a sudden surge of 10 million Mexicans crossing into the US before the Trumpwall goes up.

‘Spexit’ – the feeling of despair when you remember you put your glasses in your back pocket, just as you lower yourself into your armchair.

‘Spoxit’ – In the latest Star Trek movie, Kirk and the rest of the crew vote to dump the pointy-eared Vulcan on a distant planet, as they realise he’s an immigrant.

‘Paxit’ – Jeremy Paxman leaving yet another programme

‘Clarxit’ – Jeremy Clarkson leaving yet another programme

‘Wrecksit’ – choosing Chris Evans as presenter for Top Gear.

‘Rexit’ – Charles succeeds to the throne and fatally damages the Monarchy.

‘Corbout’ – A political movement to oust Jeremy Corbyn from Labour leadership

‘Corbyn’ – Name given to anyone (especially a Jeremy) who refuses to leave anything under any circumstances, no matter how many people plead with him.

‘Politically Correxit’ – reverting to insulting minorities

‘Caliphexit’ – driving Daesh out of Aleppo.

‘Hexit’ – hacking someone’s internet connection at machine-code level.

‘Collexit’ – buying something using ‘click-and-collect’

‘Fecksit’ – Father Jack knocking over glass of whiskey & not quite being able to reach the bottle to re-fill it.

‘Necksit’ – Father Jack reaching bottle after all.

‘Selexit’ – choosing the England team to be eliminated from the next World Cup


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