Ant and Dec quiz game recalled for calling hosts ‘talented’


Paul Lamond games, manufacturers of a new board game based on the popular TV show ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Celebrity Take Me Out Of Here’ has been criticised for inaccuracies in some of the questions.

‘It has one question that asks “how would you describe Ant and Dec?”,’ said one angry player today. ‘Irritating wasn’t even listed, let alone given as the right answer.’ he said.

Some of the questions were deemed impossible to answer accurately. ‘How am I supposed to answer this question?’ asked Kylie, from Southampton. ”What day of the week is Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Celebrity Take Me Out Of Here on?”  How should I know, we record it on Sky Plus,’ she said, angered that her Christmas money had been wasted in the sales on the game. ‘And what about the general knowledge question “how far from the Earth is the Moon?” I mean, there’s only one Moon, how can that be general?’ she pointed out, noting that the answer given – 225 miles – ‘seemed plausible.’

The makers have apologised for linking their anonymous brand to a pair of talentless Geordies ‘in the hope of making a quick buck.’

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