Man recalls time he used wire strippers


Rummaging through his toolbox late on Sunday night, office worker Len Hayden, 57, came across a wire stripper he last used ‘what, must be 30 years ago.’

Len thought that it must have been when he extended the cable on his then-new CD player that the wire stripper last saw action. ‘The Hitachi. That would have been in the previous flat, before we moved out of the city. Haven’t even got the CD player any more. Thing must have packed up 10 years ago’ he muttered.

Blowing the dust from the stripper, Len found that the rubberised non-slip handles showed no signs of perishing and still felt good in his hands. He repeatedly squeezed the handles, noticing how the spring action ran smoothly and silently. Still flexing, Len mentally scoped his house, trying to think of any electrical cables that needed shortening. Realising that he’d probably never use the wire stripper again, he carefully replaced it in his toolbox.

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