Junior doctors get 100% support from the young, fit and healthy

Please Carry On Doctor

In response to a MORI poll 100% of childless, under 35, orphans said they support the strike action: ‘provided they don’t get sick or injured’.  But support drops to 44% if emergency care is not provided to cover weekend binge drinking and fighting.

Brummie plumber Paul Mycock, 28, said:  ‘I fully support the junior doctors provided that I don’t need hospitalisation during the strike.  I’m particularly concerned about my potential vulnerability after Villa’s twice weekly Premier League thrashing.  On second thoughts, why don’t those commie champagne socialists get back to work, lazy b@stards.’

The junior doctors currently have the support of the majority of hospital consultants who have helped cover during the strike.  However that support drops to 33% if subsequent action affects the consultants availability to operate in BUPA hospitals for 75% of the week.

The poll taken on the eve of the strike was of 869 adults in England.  Eight per cent thought the junior doctors were striking over their contract, 60% said the doctors were taking action because of working conditions and 8% cited ‘politics’ as the reason.  When pressed 100% hadn’t got a clue what it’s about.

Mr Mycock added:  ‘On the plus side it’s nice to see all that top posh totty taking to the streets, can’t blame the lads for wanting to get behind ‘em.  C’mon you Villa!’


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