Trumpton to change its name in protest


Townsfolk of tiny 1970s TV hamlet Trumpton have voted almost unanimously for a change of name in protest against the ‘despicable puppet’ Donald Trump. Mr Troop the Town Clerk said that the names now on the table include Savilleville and Harristown.

Chippy Minton the carpenter, Mrs Cobbit the florist, Miss Lovelace the milliner and Mr Platt the clockmaker all voted to preserve the idyllic English town with its unusually high quotient of skilled artisans. However, Captain Flack of Trumpton Fire Brigade revealed that although Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert and Dibble all voted for the change, Grub had defiantly gone against his colleagues and neighbours.

‘I don’t see why we should have to change the name of our home just because some idiot gets voted in as US President,’ said Grub. ‘If you ask me, we should build a wall with Camberwick Green too. Who needs a fucking fort?’


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