Local politician accidentally answers question


A local politician has left his party ‘shocked’ and ’embarrassed’ after accidentally answering a question posed by a member of the public.

John Lime, Labour Member of Parliament for Manchester North, was taking questions from a number of local people in his community when the blunder struck.

‘I think I caught him off guard.’, said Jane Draw, question asker. “There were people firing remarks at him left, right, and centre – for some strange reason he turned around to me and said ‘No’ we were all absolutely gobsmacked.’

‘What I said to him was ‘Do you support a hard Brexit?’ I was fully expecting him to go off on a tangent about Syrian refugees or Cheetos or something, but instead he just straight up answered.

‘The crowd went deadly silent. His face went a ghostly shade of white, he knew exactly what he’d done.’

There were rumours that John Lime was then briskly whisked back to party HQ and when contacted, the Labour party confirmed that he had indeed been taken in for ‘further training’.

Spokesperson for Labour, Amy Child’s said, ‘We’re all extremely upset with John’s conduct today. John is a seasoned politician and should know better when it comes to alienating the general public. We neither agree nor disagree with any question posed to us.’

There was one happy ending, however. ‘That was the answer I was hoping for’, said Jane with a smile.

Lou Sarsole

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