Heart transplant on Valentine’s Day romantic, ultimately fatal


Doctors treating Barry Wilkins today described the failed heart transplant surgery that took place on Valentine’s Day and resulted in his death as ‘really quite romantic.’

Mr Wilkins, who had a condition known as cardiac hypertrophy, had been waiting for a suitable donor for sixteen months when his girlfriend, Miranda Lewis was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident on Monday. Soon after doctors were delighted to discover that she was a genetic match. ‘She literally gave him her heart,’ said one visibly moved nurse. ‘I wish my boyfriend would do that for me.’

Medical staff played Marvin Gaye and lit scented candles in the operating theatre to accentuate the romantic mood. Chief Surgeon, Colin McKay said “It was a lovely Valentine’s Day moment. There were roses everywhere and we all wore red scrubs which also helped disguise the massive amounts of blood.

Unfortunately three hours into the operartion Mr Wilkins suffered a ‘gross haemorrhage and myocardial infarction’ possibly caused by the sensual oils interacting with the anaesthetic.

Barry’s death obviously put a dampner on the mood,’ said Mr McKay. ‘My thoughts are with his family at this difficult and ironic time.’

Phil Smith

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