Schrodinger stuns quantum physics world with research on Brexit

Schrodinger has today published research that has fundamentally challenged our understanding of quantum mechanics, with leading questions about how the universe works.

In his ground breaking researching, the Austrian scientist pointed to evidence that both proved that the UK would both completely die, and flourish with growth, having left the EU. He showed that undisputable evidence from the Express and the Guardian demonstrated incompatible, but theoretically correct, states of existence (or lack thereof) that therefore had to exist at the same time.

In concluding, Erin remarked that if you were to put a Britain in a box, ‘zat person would not be racist because zey had voted remain (which is of course the only reason why one votes remain) and racist, because zey spend a lot of the money on moving to areas where the schools are not full of ze immigrants’.

When challenged on the fact that Schrodinger had in fact died in 1961 and couldn’t possibly have written this research, a scientist looking into this was flummoxed at having both his EU research grant retracted and a new UK grant granted, remarking ‘so I’ve basically got the same amount of money right, and probably paid by the same person?’



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