Cloners warned; ‘mammoths are for life, not just for Christmas’

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Scientists planning to clone the previously-extinct woolly mammoth have been warned that the attractive furry baby mammoths do not stay that size forever, and actually grow in to enormous destructive mammals that need an awful lot of food and exercise.

‘It’s the classic mistake’ said a spokesman for the RSPCA. ‘World-renowned scientists see a picture of a new-born baby mammoth and they think it looks so cute and they want to take one home for their children.  But a year later, it is breaking down the fence into next door’s garden, trampling through the allotments and heading off in such of arctic tundra.’

‘We are expecting to get a lot of these over the next year,’ said the newly renamed Battersea Mammoths Home.  ‘People can’t cope with these novelty breeds and they just dump them in the street.  Many of our cities may soon be over-run by urban mammoths.’

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