Man breaks record for number of ways of saying ‘thanks’ in Tesco Express


A Telford man was celebrating today after breaking the national record for the number of different ways to say ‘thank you’ to a cashier as goods are handed over individually at a Tesco Express supermarket till.

Steve Vickers offered the cashier his basket in his local store, and, after confirming he had his own bag, gave a simple ‘thanks’ after his first purchase, some Uncle Bens’ microwaveable rice, was presented back to him. Keen not to repeat the same phrase when his second item, 6 eggs, came across the pass, he gave a nonchalant ‘cheers’ , followed by a casual ‘yep’ for his 4 pack of Fosters. Despite a stutter in the middle, his responses became ever more elaborate during his 15 item transaction, and he was happy to finish with a flourish, commenting that ‘they seem much smaller these days, don’t they?’ when the final item, a Freddo, brought his language test to an end.

Vickers was said to be delighted but vowed to use the automated till next time. He is spending the next few days preparing some choice quips to the query ‘do you have a Clubcard?’.

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