Rapper claims credit for Shakespeare’s plays by humming over the words

Alas, poor Yo!

Theatre critics are in uproar today after it emerged that an American rapper has been credited with co-authoring Shakespeare’s plays.

‘It’s an art form, what I do’, he told reporters. ‘For years I’ve been talking over other people’s songs, and getting half the royalties. One day my manager asked me if I could hum. I was like, ‘yeah, man, who can’t hum?’ And then he got me humming over the top of Shakespeare’s, like, plays. Now they’re half mine – I’m part of the creative team, cos of what I done. Awesome’.

Legal experts say that this is a grey area. ‘To be honest, nobody thought that talking over other people’s songs would allow rappers to claim creative rights, but that’s what’s happened. And a graffiti artist in New York has claimed half the credit for Einstein’s Mass-Energy equivalence equation by drawing a smiley face below the equation ‘E=mc²’ on walls all over Brooklyn. He would have done the same with Einstein’s General Relativity equation, but couldn’t find any walls big enough.

The picture is not completely clear-cut. Londoner Kevin Smith claimed 50% of the intellectual property rights in the film ‘Gravity’ by rustling his sweet wrappers throughout the performance, but a court denied his claim, commenting that this was ‘not a creative act’. However, a couple in Reading who conceived their first child during the screening of Seven Psychopaths may have a stronger case.


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