Dude visiting HMV store doesn’t quite get CD concept


Eighteen-year-old Jonathan Meeks is still recovering from his visit to an HMV store where he was confronted with ‘shelves of CDs’.

‘I just couldn’t get my head around it,’ he said, head actually still buried in hands. ‘Like I recognised the names of groups and stuff, but I couldn’t work out their relationship with these disc things on the shelves. It was well weird. I just couldn’t get my head around it at all.’

Jonathan, who is an enthusiastic streamer and an iTunes. Spotify and Amazon Music user, said, ‘An algorithm or two would have helped to get to the bottom of it. Instead, I tackled this guy behind the counter in a tee-shirt and shorts, although he was obviously about 110. Gobbledygook is all I got.’

Jonathan says he now has a better concept of what a CD is – ‘something like a DVD I guess’- now that he has spoken to his grandfather, but he still has nightmares about another HMV shock to his system.

‘As I was leaving the store I saw this display of vinyls and, man, I can tell you, I completely freaked out,’ he said.

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