Leicester City FC sack Corbyn


After an improbable leadership victory last season, the Premiership’s strugglers have chosen to part company with ‘the bearded wonder’. This is despite Corbyn having defied critics and bookies to take socialist ideas to the top of a league, a league usually dominated by ‘capitalist scum’ like Man City, Man Utd and George Osborne.

Known as ‘The Tinker Man’ for the regular changes to his front bench and subs, many ex-pros have suggested that criticism of Corbyn was unfair, as the recent loss of form was really down to Labour MP’s ‘not knowing’ how to defend. Likewise he was not helped by the previous manager, Tony Blair, stating that referendums should be ignored and that rugby was ‘fundamentally’ better than football.

Cynics have felt that electoral survival means more to Leicester, then playing in a style that supports the welfare state. While Leicester’s board have stated that they need a new leader who can guarantee success away from home – ‘particularly in the south’ – and are willing to adopt long ball tactics, Trident and corporate greed.

The ‘Match of the Day’ pundit, Gary Lineker, had resolutely stayed in his underwear ever since Owen Smith and spoke of the ‘lack of gratitude’ shown by the voters Copeland. At 5,000-1, Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure was a modern miracle and a bigger ‘fairy tale’ than Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations.

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