Couple plan ‘holiday of a lifetime’ outside their car


With spring in the air, Brenda and Bert Simmons are preparing for what will be for them the holiday of a lifetime. ‘We usually get in the car and drive down to the beach car park and enjoy the views through the windscreen,’ explained Bert. ‘We often have a picnic in the car too.’

This year the Simmonses are bracing themselves for a new adventure by venturing outside their car for the first time – and possibly walking the short distance down to the beach. ‘We’ve been acclimatising ourselves for the holiday,’ Brenda said. ‘Last week we opened the doors for a minute. It wasn’t too bad except for a bit of breeze wafting in, but it did get rid of the egg sandwich smells.’

‘I’m thinking that the next step might be leaving the car and walking so far we won’t be able to see the vehicle,’ Bert added. ‘It’s a little bit scary and might be the start of a slippery slope. One year we could find ourselves trying to ascend K2.’

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