Couple divorce after dating site fails to identify them as a match

never knew they had so many 'issues'

It is reported that Steve and Tracy Richards, a married couple from Borehamwood in Hertfordshire, ended their 15-year relationship after unsuccessfully testing their compatibility based on the scientific approach to finding a soulmate advocated by dating site eHarmony.

‘It was Tracy who first suggested it,’ remembers Steve, a plasterer from Essex. ‘It was a Saturday night and we were watching Take Me Out when the adverts came on. She thought it would be a laugh for us to both sign up to the dating site to see if we would be identified as a match based on true compatibility. I went along with it, mainly because it was that or risk a severed carotid artery running through the patio doors to avoid having to watch any more of that Paddy McGuinness.’

The couple logged on to the site that evening and completed the online questionnaire, with Tracy said to be ‘110% sure’ they would prove a perfect match in the 29 key dimensions for compatibility, which include humour, passion, and expectations for putting out the bins. However relations became strained after two weeks had passed and eHarmony still hadn’t identified them as a match, and Tracy started to seriously question their relationship. ‘She would even fly off the handle if I didn’t laugh at the same moments of Miranda as she did. She said it meant we weren’t on the same wavelength.’

The relationship deteriorated from there on, with Steve walking on eggshells trying to second guess what his wife might be thinking so he could prove that they were compatible. ‘It was impossible,’ he remembers sadly ‘she just assumed whenever I asked her how she was really feeling I was just after a bunk-up and, honestly, that wasn’t the case nearly half the time. In the end she left me — she said science is science.’

Friends say it is a shame Tracy ended the marriage but that she has since been on several dates with her ‘perfect matches’, although none have ever called again. Steve, meanwhile, is said by colleagues to ‘spend a lot more time whistling’ since he ‘polished’ his dating profile to suggest he is a Nationwide Championship footballer looking for commitment and with a keen interest in watching soap operas.

Tracey was unavailable for comment.


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