‘Enmity International’ – to the rescue!

Pain & Dispair are GO!

In the wake of individual hostility, opposition and conflict towards political and economic refugees the EU has proposed the setting up of a new inter-governmental agency to properly focus on human abuse – ‘Enmity International’.  Symbolized by a Molotov Cocktail wrapped in a strand of barbed wire, the organisation will take direct action to ensure that migrants suffer as much abuse as possible in their attempts to escape turmoil and build better lives in Europe.

‘International law comes before aid,’ said a spokesman for EI. ‘So we’ll be concentrating on strengthening borders and protecting our own populations.  With this in mind, lines of concentration camps will be established along national frontiers where we can safely leave people to fester while we search for a final solution.’

Governments will be able to work together under the auspices of EI in securing better deals in the acquisition of tear gas, riot shields and shipping containers.  The spokesman explained: ‘It’s a win win situation for EU members and ensures that no individual member State takes on the burden in creating a world of antipathy and inequality.’

Landing with his wife and six-year old daughter on an archipelago resembling a cross between ‘Tracy Island and Gitmo’,  Mustafa Qabanni gave his own response to the remit of ‘Enmity International’:  ‘The only border we want to cross at this moment is the one that is separating humanity from inhumanity. We will journey on until we find it’.


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