Stephen Hawking says Labour could win snap election in a parallel universe


Professor Stephen Hawking has backed the Labour Party to win the next general election, assuming the election takes place in a parallel universe.

In an article for The Times Professor Hawking wrote ‘On planet earth the Labour Party has as much chance of winning a snap election as I have of winning the 10-metre platform diving gold at the next Olympics. However, I wouldn’t rule out Jeremy Corbyn sweeping into Number 10 in an as yet undetected theorised universe’.

‘In this parallel universe it is very possible that Labour won the Copeland by-election with an increased majority, Scotland is now an independent country and ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ is hilarious.’

The Labour leader has claimed that Professor Hawking’s backing is proof that his party’s message is beginning to resonate with the public.

‘Our campaign for social equality and commitment to the radical reform of the tax system is clearly beginning to strike a chord with many voters,’ said Corbyn, ‘albeit voters who only exist in a hypothetical alternate reality. But that’s better than we thought.’

In his article Professor Hawking also states that in a parallel universe Britain may well have voted to stay within the European Union by a margin of 52% to 48%, an assertion which Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron claims as sufficient grounds for a second referendum here on earth.

Meanwhile former Ukip leader Nigel Farage told the BBC that he had no real problem with Professor Hawking’s theory as long as it wouldn’t lead to EU nationals from a parallel universe travelling to Britain to claim benefits or put increased pressure on the NHS.

Mr Farage also claimed that in a parallel universe Ukip would ‘inevitably’ be a respected political party with a large number of MPs, a claim which Professor Hawking described as ‘well beyond all scientific possibility’.


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