Davis warns May will take S&M approach to Brexit negotiations


In an impassioned plea on the Andrew Marr show, David Davis has asked MPs ‘not to tie Theresa’s hands behind her back, or to the bed post, or in a spread-eagled posture with her leather trousers cut into strips and binding her to the bed during the Brexit negotiations’

Davis continued to say that while Theresa favoured whips, of any party as long as they supported her policies, she was the one who wore the trousers. Those trousers. And she was the one who liked to hold the whips, in an ice-maiden way, if you knew what he meant.

‘Oh yeah, Theresa likes dressing up, and will probably be wearing lederhosen when she launches Brexit,’ he added. The Conservative party issued a correction after the show, saying: ‘The Prime Minister is a big supporter of M&S and has vowed to wear their clothes during Brexit negotiations,’ said an advisor.

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