Mock terror exercise makes a mockery of everything


A mock terror exercise has been held to simulate a mock terror attack on the city of London. Mock terror has been on the rise since Donald Trump took over as President of the USA, notably the Bowling Green Massacre and whatever happened last night in Sweden.

The police reported that several mock terrorists are awaiting mock trial shortly, having been run to ground in a Mock Tudor house, which, coincidentally had recently been the location for filming a mockumentary about mock terror. A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: ‘We had been looking for some people who sounded Middle Eastern, but they fooled us by adopting Mockney accents.’

Home secretary Amber Rudd said: ‘Some liberal elitist metropolitans may mock, but we take mock terrorism very seriously. This government will not let these people make a mockery of our democracy’.

Gary Baldy/Al O’Pecia

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