Islamic State claims responsibility for Pet Sounds


So-called Islamic State has upped the ante in its propaganda war by claiming responsibility for the classic Beach Boys album ‘Pet Sounds’ and releasing a track listing, which runs:

Wouldn’t Jihad be Nice
You Still Believe in Muhammad
Don’t Talk (Take His Head off His Shoulders)
I’m Waiting for the Day of Judgment
Let’s Go Away for a Pilgrimage
Allah Only Knows
I Know Islam is The Answer
I Just Wasn’t Made for These End Times
Bomb Sounds
Caroline, No (Marrying an Kafir)

Extra Tracks:
I Get Around (Border Controls)
When I Grow Up (To Be a Jihadi)
Martyrs and Villains
Sufi USA

The terrorist group, not content with taking the acclaim for every random atrocity that happens around the world, has made the bold assertion that they also wrote the Maltese Falcon, founded Cubism and directed Citizen Kane, although they denied rumours they were demanding an additional credit on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’.

A hooded spokesman gloated: ‘The poems of William Blake – us! The buildings of Frank Lloyd-Wright – us! We even wrote ‘Only Fools and Horses’ – but only the good episodes – like the one with the chandelier. Nowhere is safe from our interference – except the Isle of Wight, nothing changes there.’

A joint Adrian Bamforth/Wrenfoe production

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