Theresa’s note passing to Donald leads to entire class detention




When Theresa asked Tim to pass a scribbled-on piece of paper of to Donald, a spate of note-passing followed which ended with teacher Mr. Juncker placing the whole of class 5B in detention. It started during silent reading when Tim handed Donald Theresa’s note saying she didn’t want to be part of Donald’s gang anymore, but hoped that they could still be friends. Donald stood up and said he was really sad and ran out of class with tears welling up in his eyes.

Mr. Juncker told the class to settle down, but his instruction was ignored as the class began tearing pages out of their rough books and furiously scribbling more notes. Angela passed notes under the table to everyone except Theresa, telling her class mates to ignore Theresa. Theresa responded by sending Tim round with notes to all the little kids saying that she wouldn’t be able to look after them in the playground any longer unless they promised to carry on doing swopsies of My Little Pony stickers with her.

The final straw came when a note to Theresa inviting her to meet him behind the bike sheds after school was passed through the window by Big Donald from Year 6, signed ‘The Trumpster’. Furious Mr. Juncker kept the entire class in detention throughout lunchtime and for once his cry of ‘This is hurting me more than you,’ proved to be true, as two lovely bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Pape went undrunk in the staff room.


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