Dutch kids to be exposed to danger to teach them about life; scientists disagree


Politicians in Holland are exposing children to the dangers and horrors of life in an effort to teach them self reliance and discipline. However, scientists are at odds with these methods, saying that exposing them to such danger won’t help prepare them for the real¬†world of safe space zones, a clampdown on free speech and welfare dependency. They continue ” it’s a very easy world out and these children need to soften up.”

Campaigners back up the scientific claims, worrying that children will leave school and think that fighting for a university place is normal in a world where benefit claiming is a lifestyle choice. One school leaver, who didn’t wish to be named said ” when I left school, I got a job and saved up money to pay for a flat, completely unaware that the government could have paid for my housing. In fact I turned to drugs in an effort to rebel, but that backfired when a government sponsored social scheme paid for me to attend drug rehabilitation classes. It’s just been one nightmare after the other.”

As one source said: “these kids have been taught that if they want something in this world that they should fight for it and that’s just plain wrong.”



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