Kendall Jenner could have prevented Holocaust with a Pepsi, historians say


An international symposium on the origins of the holocaust has concluded that the problem was not so much Hitler building on centuries of anti-Semitism by blaming the Jews for Germany’s loss of World War One and the economic woes of the Weimar Republic as the absence of a reality TV star/model to present thirsty Waffen-SS officers with a carbonated soft drink.

‘Obviously, it would also need an ethnically diverse group of attractive young people doing creative things nearby – say, an Asian cellist playing on the roof of his Soho loft apartment,’ a historian said. ‘But Kendall on her own could probably have prevented some of the worst abuses, say the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, with a timely offer of a refreshing beverage. Probably not a Tango – it’s true that was invented in Nazi Germany when Coca Cola was unavailable during the war, but, as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre said, you know when you’ve been Tangoed.’

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