Theresa ‘not sulking’ about non-invite to Donald’s party


A seemingly special relationship is apparently on shaky ground, after Theresa May, five, was left sitting at home in Downing St trying to figure out why she hadn’t been invited to Donald’s party, which she was informed included a huge firework display. ‘I was all dressed up with nowhere to go waiting for his call,’ Theresa said, adding nonchalantly that she wasn’t really all that bothered, but how an invite would have been nice.

‘It’s not nice not being invited to a so-called friend’s party. Tony got invited to all of George’s big parties, but anyway I’m not bothered, because I’m going to organise my own intimate little party and I’m gonna have my party on a rock and it’s gonna be near Spain and the fireworks are gonna be MILES better than Donald’s. So nur.’

Naff Laff

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Posted: Apr 10th, 2017 by

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