Man effortlessly leaves Facebook


A man has successfully achieved a week away from Facebook after posting that he was going ‘off the grid’ last Friday. David Bevan, 32, instead spent Friday evening visiting a local seafood restaurant, indicating his satisfaction with the sea bass with a monotone ‘David Bevan likes this’ to the manager.

Bevan spent the rest of the week trying to avoid street conversation with casual racists, while refusing to be drawn by people asking him if could he believe what Plain Jane from Neighbours looked like now. On Thursday, he simply shouted ‘WTF – wanker’ very loud when Donald Trump appeared on a TV screen in his local doctors surgery.

‘David Bevan is feeling blessed, watching The Voice with his wife and children,’ announced Bevan to his wife and children during their regular watch of The Voice, before taking a polaroid picture of himself and sellotaping it to the outside of his front door.

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