Death intern disciplined as Prince dies leaving Prince Philip confusingly alive

prince philip

A spokesman for Death, the black hooded apparition sent to summon the living to their eternal sleep, today apologised to the world for summoning Prince to an early death when records show it should have been Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

 ‘Sorry guys’ grinned the Grim Reaper. ‘Huge screw up on our part, we hold our hands up here. We’re super busy, as I’m sure you all can see, and we sent down a new intern, Marcie, and she got the paperwork all mixed up and… well you know the rest. We were all set-up to receive Prince Philip and Marcie comes back with Prince, who is super pissed off by the way, and we’re all like, ‘Woah, Marcie, what the fuck, man. This is huge’.’

The spokesman went on to say that Marcie would not be cast into the infinite fiery pits of hell but will be sent on a training course and will be supervised in all apparitional duties from now on. It was confirmed that there will be no swap out of the error and Prince Philip will receive Prince’s final 30 years. He will not, however, release any music albums or commit to any farewell tours.

Rumours were abound that it was Marcie who was responsible for the recent untimely demise of Victoria Wood after she misread the name Ronnie Wood on her paperwork but this has yet to be confirmed.

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