Government to offer GCSE in understanding new GCSE grades

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While industry is complaining about yet another change to the way exams are graded, the government has said that all students will be offered a GCSE course in understanding the grading system. ‘It’s our belief that there will be a need for industry to employ people to explain what a 9 or a 8 actually means in terms of achievement,’ said a spokesman today, adding, ‘because nobody in the Department for Education seems to know.’

The old system was shown to be flawed when the assessors ran out of space to add stars to A grades to differentiate between students who had got their exams 100% correct and those who had done even better. ‘We ask our children to give 110%, somehow some of them have managed it,’ said one exam marker who admitted ‘maths isn’t my subject.’

Under the new scheme, which grades students with low attainment with numbers like 1 and 2, which it is hoped they’ll be able to recognise on a certificate, rising up to 9 for the highest achievers. ‘We can always add a few more numbers if we need a little exam inflation in future years,’ said an exam expert, adding, ‘and let’s not rule out fractional grades, especially for those struggling to achieve a 1 – expected to be awarded to students who only write their name on an answer page and spell it almost correct.’

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