Horse defecating was inspiration behind ‘Strong & Stable’ slogan admits Crosby


Election campaign manager Lynton Crosby says he came up with the Tory slogan ‘strong and stable’ after watching a horse defecate in his barn.  Crosby got the inspiration for the latest Tory mantra just seconds after watching mounds of shit cascading from a horse’s arse.  He says that he remembers a stream of vomit running down his chin as the foul stench burned his throat.
It was the combination of horse shit and vomit trapped inside an enclosed space that led to his light bulb moment.  ‘As soon as I smelled the horse shit I immediately thought of the Tory election campaign’ said Crosby ‘after that, the slogan practically wrote itself.  I realised ‘shit and stable’, although accurate, wasn’t quite working…so I played around with the words, tweaked it a little and there it was.  Simple but effective.  I knew Theresa would be able to handle it, she’s had so much experience.’

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