Maverick school governors ‘get results by breaking the rules’


The Government has given schools greater powers to sack ‘maverick’ governors, who ‘break the rules’, ‘do things their way’ and almost never complete their expenses on time.

‘Okay, they get results, but we can’t have governors running around out of control’, said a DfE spokesman. ‘These people invariably have a quirk – a vintage car, taste for jazz, maybe a gambling addiction or a painfully broken marriage. And they spend a lot of time gazing wistfully into middle distance. It’s unacceptable.’

‘Forms are there for a reason. Rules are there for a reason. What if the whole education system was run by mavericks? We’d have . . . well, widespread functional illiteracy and the worst Pisa results since records began. Like now. But that isn’t the point. We’re the DfE and we don’t want any bloody mavericks’.

A spokesman for the Association of Maverick Governors was asked for a comment but he just stared into middle distance, wistfully.

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