Prince Philip makes film debut in Lethal Weapon remake

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The Duke of Edinburgh revealed today that his ‘retirement’ from royal duties was actually just a hoax to promote his debut movie ‘Regal Weapon’ – a loose remake of the Eighties classic ‘Lethal Weapon’.

In a brief statement, Prince Philip apologised for any confusion he may have caused and, in an unprecedented step, strenuously denied that he was exploiting his privileged position for personal gain. He also urged fans to pre-order his new film from iTunes.

In ‘Regal Weapon’ the Queen’s consort plays a fictionalized version of himself who, 2 days before retirement, is partnered with young, reckless prince (played by Jason Statham). Despite their mutual loathing of one another, they have to work together to take down a threat that could destroy them both; an online petition for a democratically elected head of state.

The action-packed trailer for the film, which debuted this morning, concludes with an exasperated Prince Philip saying ‘One is getting too old for this shit!’.

‘Given the success of The Queen, The Crown and King Ralph, it was only a matter of time before the royal family started acting in films’. said Gordon Kidd, a film critic and staunch monarchist.

‘Prince Philip clearly has the charisma, physique and sex appeal to become a huge movie star. Why else would people call him the ‘Mel Gibson of the royal family’?’.

According to the Duke’s IMDB page, he currently has 11 films in production including ’Lady Di Hard’,’Heir Force One’ and the eagerly anticipated ‘Her Majesty The Queen: The Funeral’.


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