Conservatives winning the equine vote says latest polls


Theresa May’s mantra of ‘strong and stable’ has proven a vote winner with all horses and shire horses in particular.

‘They really feel she is speaking their language,’ said David Hudson from Ips-horse Mori, the firm behind the poll.

It is not just the slogan that has won equine support. Some of the policies announced so far in the campaign also have widespread support amongst horses. The plan for an open vote on repealing the ban on fox hunting was enthusiastically supported by horses that used to work on the hunts.

‘Many of these horses have struggled to find employment since the ban,’ Mr Hudson explained. ‘This has been particularly galling as the foxes have managed to become urban foxes, but the horses can not afford the higher cost of living in cities.’

Other working horses back Theresa May’s stance on Brexit. They believe she has proved herself to be the best person to lead the UK out of the EU and the poll found strong support for her hard line approach.

‘A great number of horses used to be involved in transport – pulling carts here, there and everywhere. However they believe that the EU trade agreements mean the UK has been flooded with cheap, foreign built cars,’ Mr Hudson said. ‘These horses are heartened when Mrs May says no deal is better than a bad deal. They believe leaving the EU will stem the tide of foreign cars. While a Government led by Mrs May will mean the cost of living will be so eye-wateringly expensive people will be forced to turn back to horse drawn transport rather than buy a car.’

While the poll will make for encouraging reading for Mrs May, it will be a cause of concern for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Pit ponies are traditionally strong Labour supporters. However, when asked if they would vote the party in the forthcoming election the vast majority said ‘neigh’ with particularly long faces, and suggested Corbyn might be heading for the political glue factory.


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