Lib Dems complain that no-one noticed their manifesto was leaked days ago


Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has complained that his party’s manifesto has received no media coverage despite it being leaked on Monday. The news comes after the leaking of Labour’s manifesto dominated news coverage on Thursday and Friday.

‘Someone leaked our manifesto on Monday’ said Farron. ‘It wasn’t malicious; one of our policy bods emailed it by mistake to the Hemel Hempstead Gazette instead of the answers to a crossword competition’.

‘I expected a media frenzy but no-one seems interested in our commitment to a referendum on the terms of Brexit or our pledge to put a penny on income tax. I could have posed stark bollock naked on the front cover and no-one would have batted an eyelid’.

Meanwhile, Labour has been forced to deny claims that the policies in their draft manifesto would drag Britain back to the 1970s. And there was further consternation for Jeremy Corbyn after a BBC cameraman had to be taken to hospital after colliding with the Labour leader’s P-Reg Austin Allegro.

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