God identifies as atheist


In a frank interview, God has stated he doesn’t believe in Himself. ‘It was the Stephen Fry case that tipped me,’ He admitted today. ‘l guess I was more or less agnostic up to that point, but when Stephen explained the situation so well I had to agree.’

Psychologists specialising in Deity Self Doubt Syndrome, or DSDD as they have coined it, say this isn’t unusual in Gods. ‘Sure it’s more common in the multiple God installations and one of the few documented instances of self-doubt in the One God, but it happens all the time,’ said one expert who claimed the Buddha had a weekly counselling session on his couch ‘every other Wednesday.’

‘Patient management is key,’ said another expert. ‘When a sociopath, for example, loses it a few dozen people might find themselves invited as dinner, but if a Deity gets the hump it’s smite time, or 2016, all over again, he said, admitting he could have managed Allah’s DSDD symptoms better last year. ‘It’s OK now, He’s off celebrities and back to letting His followers blow themselves up,’ he said.

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