Nation ‘ok’ with taxing Laura Kuenssberg


While the electorate may be sceptical about Jeremy Corbyn, the majority seem unified behind the manifesto pledge ‘to wipe the sneering smile’ off the face of the BBC’s political editor.  Said one voter: ‘I came hoping to hear about a better, fairer Britain – but I’ll settle for Ms. Kuenssberg actually reporting the truth for once’.

A Labour spokeswoman explained: ‘Our focus groups were strongly against an increase in the top rate of tax, until they realized that taxing one BBC reporter could pay for three extra nurses. In fact, when we pointed out it would Ms. Kuenssberg who was mainly affected by Labour Policy, the group suggested we also bring back birching for anyone breaking impartiality and accuracy guidelines’.

At the manifesto launch, some questioned Ms. Kuenssberg’s objectivity, particularly in light of her first question- ‘What’s in it for me?’.  She then followed it up by asking what Labour plans to do about BBC pensions, tax breaks for Glaswegians called Laura and ‘the ‘leak’ in her third bathroom?

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