Submerged Bin Laden model now ‘most popular aquarium decoration’

CIA advises that tank still needs cleaning

A sunken model of the former Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has proved a hit with aquarium owners who more normally decorate their fish tanks with miniature shipwrecks or little castles. Suppliers have confirmed that the figure, a faithful reproduction rendered in tank safe ceramics and non toxic paint, is outselling many other popular fish tank decorations, including the mermaid and aerating treasure chest.

‘My guppies go mad for Bin Laden’s head’, commented one customer, ‘although I was a little worried that it may risk becoming a shrine for some of the more militant fish.’ The White House has questioned the decision to market an aerating Bin Laden, as this may give the impression that the Al Qaeda leader was still breathing when he was buried at sea. ‘We would prefer patriotic families to decorate their fish tanks with the new model U.S. Navy Seals, which buzz about on the surface rescuing stricken servicemen or presidential poll ratings.’

The sunken Bin Laden model is in the tradition of a whole range of novelty sunken celebrities designed to brighten up tropical fish tanks including Robert Maxwell (for larger tanks), Natalie Wood and Mary Jo Kopenchne who comes in a realistic sunken model of Ted Kennedy’s car.  But this latest model has upset some Islamic militants who claim that it demeans the dead leader of Al Qaeda. ‘Nah…’ chuckled one supplier of the ‘Bubbling Bin'; ‘…all them pictures of Osama lying around watching himself on television and dyeing his beard already did that.’


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