Inaccurate weather forecast was catastrophic for dinosaurs


A BBC documentary has unearthed new evidence indicating that a glib comment by weatherman Michael Fish 66 million years ago may have contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs.

Previously unseen footage is thought to show Fish, wearing his trademark triceratops sweater, presenting in his regular slot after the 6 O’Clock news.  ‘Earlier on today, apparently, a pterodactyl rang Dinosaur TV and said she heard there was an asteroid on the way… well, if you’re watching, don’t worry, there isn’t!’, says Fish jovially.

Fish amended his forecast for the 9 O’clock news, noting that gypsum levels ‘may be a little high for this time of year’, and predicting that ‘temperatures could dip to as low as 5 degrees celsius, although with plenty of sulphuric acid particles in the atmosphere for the global winter, it will feel more like minus 30′.  For the dinosaurs, however, the damage had been done.  Fish, too, was made to pay for his mistake, losing his prime time presenting slot soon after to Thomas Schafernaker.

The documentary also reveals that many dinosaurs are still waiting for payouts for damage caused by the asteroid hit, with insurance companies continuing to claim it was an Act of God.  The notorious Cretaceous postcode lottery has seen insurance premiums in the Gulf of Mexico rise above rates of inflation for each of the last 55 million years.

The BBC has also received a record number of complaints from the dinosaur community about the music used to accompany the documentary.  The decision to use Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ during the programme has been branded as ‘grossly insensitive’.

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