Actress turning 40, coincidentally realises Hollywood’s obsession with youth and beauty ‘is wrong’


An actress whose name nobody can quite remember has chosen the occasion of her 40th birthday to hit out at an industry she claims is obsessed with youth and beauty, adding that she should know as she’s been relying on it for years.

The actress started out as a model, where she cultivated the skill of walking while wearing clothes and makeup.  This, she says, provided a natural springboard into acting, when she realised she could do all the above while saying words as well.

She enjoyed a long and varied career, but is perhaps best known for her roles in ‘Teen Frat House Bachelor Party Nerds 5′, where she played ‘Hot girl all the guys have no chance with’ and ‘Transforming Alien vs Sharknado 7′, where she played ‘Hero’s hot girlfriend he saves in the final reel’.  However, she says that she is no longer offered parts like this, which instead go to ‘young women who can’t even act, chosen entirely for their looks’.

Asked why she had never protested about this before, she explained: ‘It’s only natural that with increasing maturity comes a certain perspective, a deeper understanding of the industry I’ve worked in all my life. Now, please excuse me, its time for my coffee enema.’


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