Electorate would vote for ‘sh$t on a stick’ if it wears a blue rosette


Britain’s new ‘Sheepocracy’ has responded favorably to the Conservative manifesto pledge to inflict ‘strong and stable’ servitude on the masses.  Unsurprisingly,  Tory HQ reported a groundswell of support for continued misery, poverty and ‘free hand-jobs’ for billionaires.

Meanwhile, at Labour headquarters, frustration and despondency grew when Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for a radical re-balancing of society to help the majority were met with knowing smiles, disbelief and outright hostility from the very people he was trying to help.  Apparently when offered a choice between something edible served on a plain paper plate and a well packaged ‘faeces wrap’, many people will choose the sh$t sandwich.




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Posted: May 21st, 2017 by

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