‘Most painful thing ever is watching husband iron’ says lady with broken arm


A woman awaiting an operation to reconstruct her arm that is broken in three places has described the trauma she suffered when watching her husband attempting to iron a shirt for his work. Mrs Diamond said the agony was excruciating and she thought it would never end, even though Mr Diamond maintains it was all over within about 25 minutes.

Mrs Diamond slipped and fell a few days ago, smashing her upper arm and dislocating her shoulder. Despite the expert medical attention and ongoing support from all her family and friends regarding the accident, nothing prepared her for the distress which was to follow at the hands of her husband.

‘He knows how to operate the washing machine and dishwasher, and can cook quite well too,’ Mrs Diamond said of her husband. ‘He’s also been very patient and considerate regarding the horrific injury to my arm. But he has no appreciation of the amount of torture he inflicted on me that day with his pathetic attempt to iron one shirt. The bastard.’

Mr Diamond, who has been banished to the spare room as a result of his wife’s appalling ordeal, is full of remorse. ‘I had no idea of the consequences of my irresponsible actions,’ he said. ‘I just went steaming in and even when she was screaming at me to stop, I pressed on.’

However, with both sides keen for a reconciliation, it is hoped that the Diamond marriage will survive and prosper once more. Provided that it is not Mr Diamond that has to smooth things over.

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