Tory ‘Social Scare’ plan – in full


Were you a victim of the bedroom tax?  Did your family fall apart under the poll tax?  Did your dying parent’s have to sell their home and spend their life savings on care home costs?  Well there’s even more exciting things to come with the Tories latest ‘social scare’ plan.

So, you’ve got dementia or you are confined to wheelchair or maybe you are strapped to an iron lung 24/7?  With the cuts in NHS nursing care and private care institutions going to the wall, staying at home will be be your only option and it is going to cost – tough!

Consider yourself officially fucked.

If you want care in your home then dig deep into your pockets, get your cash from under the mattress and bring in the valuers.  The Tory scare plan will ensure that you die in penury and make all those rich people richer.

Make sure you get a copy of the latest Tory manifesto – ‘We Don’t Care’- you’ll be glad you did and maybe, just maybe if we hadn’t voted to send all those cheap foreign nurses home, you could have been saved from a fate worse than death!?

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