New ransomware – ‘WannaGetSocialCare’


A pernicious new piece of ransomware called WannaGetSocialCare has been unleashed onto the internet, as a thoroughly dishonest criminal gang seeks to take advantage of the gullible to relieve them of their money.

Preying in particular on the old and vulnerable, the malware gains the victims’ trust by offering them much-needed social care.  However, unless younger and more savvy relatives are there to save them, they are then tricked into signing away their homes.

The origin of the malware was deliberately disguised by bouncing it all around the internet via a number of right wing think tanks in Britain and the US, but it was eventually traced to Conservative Central Office.  Its origin was confirmed when a hidden comment from user ‘TM’ was found in the code saying:  ‘This is brilliant, the ones with dementia won’t know what they’re signing anyway!’

Fortunately, the spread of the malware was stopped by a hacker going by the alias ‘JC’, who released what computer types call a ‘manifesto’.  This propagated the idea that the elderly were entitled to social care because they had paid tax all their lives, and didn’t need to pony up their homes too.

‘It’s disgusting to think that old people should have their homes taken away from them in return for having their basic needs met,’ said JC today. ‘No, the proper way to do that is with inheritance tax after they’re dead.’


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