Rare Snapchatters draw huge crowds to Essex garden


Hundreds of enthusiasts flocked to the south-east of England earlier today following reports that a pair of juvenile snapchatter chicklets had been spotted playing in a garden in Essex.

The snapchatters – or ‘children’ as they are sometimes called – were spotted bouncing up and down on a trampoline in the back garden of a bungalow in Braintree.

An eagle-eyed passer by had spotted the juveniles – Becky and Zoe – playing in the garden and posted a photo of the pair on his Facebook page.

Within hours, people from as far away as Scotland and Cornwall had descended on the town to witness the unusual event. A video recording of the chicks playing with a Frisbee went viral within hours. It is thought the plump little juveniles may have become disorientated by the bright glowing orb in the sky and wandered into the garden looking for food.

The Snapchatters mainly live on a diet of pizza and fish fingers but may have been drawn outside by the smell of sausages from next door’s barbecue. Juvenile snapchatters are easily identified by their high-pitched scream and brightly coloured Kenzo dresses and Minna Parrika shoes. The Essex snapchatter has brightly coloured markings for the first few years of its life but their coats are gradually replaced by dowdy blacks and greys as they move into their teens.

There are estimated to be around 11m juveniles in the UK but they are shy, retiring creatures and rarely venture outside. Once deprived of their iPhones and access to social media the creatures become agitated, hostile and confused.
‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch these creatures perform in the wild’ said enthusiast Jason Beesley. ‘I’ve heard about this sort of thing happening but never actually seen it for myself live… it’s the first sighting of a pair of juveniles playing in a garden for years…they rarely venture this far south of the back door, sticking mostly to their bedrooms and hiding under the duvet.
I managed to get a photo of an Albino unicorn last year….but this tops that by miles’.

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