Theresa May refuses to name her favourite football team


During an intense and sustained probing by Andrew Neil, Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to name her favourite football team. ‘Come off it Prime Minister, every politician claims to have a favourite team, even David Cameron claimed to be a fan of Aston Ham Rovers,’ goaded Mr Neil.

‘Let me be clear Andrew, football is a national and global sport and I like all football teams, male and female, whatever sport they play’ responded Mrs May, refusing to be caught offside. ‘Who can forget Nobby Charlton and England’s World Cup-winning team of 1066, which brought a marvellous sense of national pride to the whole of the UK, apart from Scotland. And Wales. And Northern Ireland. But of course, being a music fan, I am very partial to a little snatch of World Cup Willie every now and again,’ she added.

‘As everybody knows, the English Premiership is world-leading and extremely strong and stable, and not at all a coalition of chaos, like the so-called Championship League run by Corbyn, which is what my Premiership is going to be for the next five years after Thursday,’ she said, ‘unless, of course we’re relegated, whatever that means.’

Farmer Giles

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