Theresa May ‘wept uncontrollably’ about the loss of cladding at Grenfell Tower


The Prime Minister made a private visit to the North Kensington block where she spoke to emergency services and witnessed first-hand the destruction to the costly exterior.  Speaking after her return to No 10, she said: ‘I asked the firefighters if they did everything in their power to limit the damage to the expensive cladding, and they just stared at me horrified.  It was clearly a very traumatic time for them, witnessing the destruction of the £10 million refit in minutes. I’m sure they did everything in their power to save the beautiful exterior while selfish residents fled the inferno.

‘I heard stories of firefighters running into the building, risking their own lives… which I’m sure was to save as much cladding as possible. Of course they strenuously, even angrily, denied this. But many whole panels were saved thanks to their heroic efforts.  So, I want to assure the residents of nearby more affluent buildings that as soon as possible we will replace the burnt-out tower with something more aesthetically pleasing and restore the Kensington skyline to its former glory.’

Pictures were posted on social media of the Prime Minister hugging some of the surviving cladding, with many far-right commentators praising her compassion towards inanimate, replaceable building material.

‘Any “normal human being” can empathise with families who have lost loved ones,’ said Npeter Mitchell-Rose, a resident of Kensington Palace Gardens whose rear view has been severely affected by the burnt-out husk of the tower.  But it takes a special kind of person to weep openly about the tragic loss of a reasonably-improved vista. We are so grateful that the Prime Minister is with us in our hour of need. Last night on my balcony, I found it almost impossible to enjoy my Gin and Dubbonet with that ugly charred tower obscuring the view. I had to look the other way, which actually made quite a pleasant alternative.’


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