Fury as British man adds further ado


A sleepy Buckinghamshire town today was thrown in to chaos as Raymond Bingley, 61, during a Steeple Claydon Conservative party meeting added ‘further ado’.  The meeting was following a usual format when the party secretary, after he was about to confirm that the meeting was to close, said, ‘Thank you everyone, without further ado let’s head to the….’ The next words were never heard as Mr Bingley interrupted and announced that he had further ado.

The following harrowing scenes will be talked about for many generations. Older ladies swooned away, younger Conservative members ran to their copies on the local party by-laws, older gentleman sat down flustered and fanned themselves. Mr Bingley carried on regardless and began a rant on parking privileges in regard to their distance from the wheely bins next to the wine bar where the after meeting drinks would be held. People were stunned as the ‘ado’ carried on for three and half minutes culminating for a demand for a fixed spot.

The meeting was called to a close by a noticeably upset secretary who hurried away toward the safety of ‘Heather’s Wine Bar’ closely followed by the rest of the meeting attendees. The next meeting had already had an agenda item regarding the intention to raise further ado’.

The case continues.

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