Radio show to experiment with thoughtful, mature good listener as host

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In a radical departure from tradition, a radio station is to appoint a host who likes listening to callers, isn’t overly passionate about anything and will do anything for a quiet life. The new style of show on Talk Radio will eschew Katie Hopkins style name calling and the equally obnoxious moral grandstanding style of James O’Brien.

Barry Simkins’ new “Incitement to Quiet” show will operate on the principle that nobody really has a clue what to do about Britain’s complex social problems. Furthermore, it will be founded on the strange notion that we certainly can’t solve these problems in the space of 180 minutes of soundbite focused phone calls punctuated by news, travel bulletins and adverts for despicable companies. Reasoned, sensible debate, in a constructive, non-threatening and supportive environment is promised.

The move has been condemned by radio experts, who say the use of swivel eyed, shouty, borderline sociopaths, whose veins are constantly throbbing out of their necks, remains the only way to grab ratings and sell air time.

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