Foreigners terrified by warship named after little old lady


Great Britain has sent a firm message to the world by revealing its latest Royal Navy warship is named after a sprightly but rather frail 91-year-old woman. Foreign navies are quaking in their bell-bottoms at the prospect of facing HMS Queen Elizabeth, having previously been intimidated by warships with names such as HMS Illustrious, HMS Endurance and HMS Come And Have A Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough.

‘HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to rule the white-gloved waves for the foreseeable future,’ said Ian Booth of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, as the new vessel set sail for the first time from Rosyth. ‘She will command respect while demonstrating power, authority and a lovely collection of hats. But if that doesn’t pan out, we might call the next one HMS Janet Street-Porter.’

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