Uber drivers taking over our role as casual racists, say taxi drivers


Following the news that an Uber driver advised a dark-skinned model to try bleaching her skin, London cabbies have complained that, once again, Uber is encroaching on their traditional territory.

‘It’s taken us years of reading the Daily Mail, Express or Sun every day to make us as ignorant and racist as we are,’ said a spokesman called Gary. ‘Then along come these people, they just get a few reactionary opinions off the internet and they’re away.’

However, one Uber driver named Abdul, who was interviewed by phone in the middle of an 18-hour shift, insisted that his racism was entirely genuine and not an act put on for the punters. ‘They come over ‘ere, no jobs, don’t speak the lingo, sleepin’ ten to a room – and that’s just my family. Why d’you think I work such long hours?’

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