Man outraged at women telling other women to put their breasts away

Baby Dove UK breastfeeding reaction

In reaction to Dove adverts being criticised over their breastfeeding stance, ‘regular guy’ Tom Edwards said he believed the 25% that voted for breasts to be put away must have been made up entirely of women. ‘No way any straight man would vote for a woman to put their breasts away,’ said Tom, who relied on the lingerie section in Freemans mail order catalogue before he got to see his first real pair of breasts while holidaying with his parents on Kos.

‘We don’t care what you’re doing with it, as long as we get to see a bit of breast we’re happy. Sure, the baby’s head does distract the view a little bit, but it has to stop feeding at some point. Breasts are natural – hopefully. Shame on the people who voted for this. They should show some more respect to men, I mean women.’


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Posted: Jul 9th, 2017 by

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