Technicians confirm Maydroid leaked small quantity of lubricant on election night


During a recent media diagnostics test, data analysts believe they detected signals from the Maydroid (Beta Unit) that show it may have achieved some degree of self-awareness. When probed about possible discharges from a breach in its shell, the Maydroid appeared to learn that an affirmative response could be to its advantage.

This remarkable advance in Artificial Intelligence has occurred exactly one year after the Maydroid – affectionately code named PM-TM by its engineers and project investors – was upgraded to operate GB-PLC and installed in Number 10.

Sadly, the breakthrough in AI has been overshadowed by doubts about the integrity of the Maydroid’s operating system. Technicians are concerned that the prime-ministerial executive broke at least one of Asimov’s laws of robotics when it initiated a faulty election procedure during time-critical programming with a compatible superpower.

The subsequent election result was incorrectly calculated by the Maydroid and, for many Conservatives in the metropolis, June 9th was the day the Earth stood still. Some even said it would end the Maydroid’s dream of electric sheep, as well as cancel its directive to become an iron giant.

However, when the Maydroid was questioned about the errors, it began to forcibly discharge lubricant and eject its memory cells while repeating the broken refrain “Daisy, Daisy… I’m half crazy…”.

[hat tip to Lloydie]

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